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Red Steps Magazine - Issue 5

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The almighty Red Steps Magazine is here, albeit late (my fault, not Sam's), but still here. There's a lot of talk out there about missing magazines, and "print's not dead," etc., etc., but that doesn't mean you can just recreate the magazine from your youth--you really have to put in some work to make it worthwhile to print a full color (colour) BMX magazine in 2021. Red Steps man at the helm, Sam Waller, undoubtedly puts in the work and makes something you actually want to read. Plus, there's a ton of interesting stuff in here, good luck reading in one sitting.

From Sam/Red Steps:

"It took a while, but the fifth issue of Red Steps is finally done.

This one is 168 pages, and features...

+ An interview with Joe Cox about videos and stuff.

+ A chat with Mr New York himself, Joey Piazza.

+ Some fine photos from Shanky's world-wide wanderings.

+ A conversation with James Hudson about riding in the 80s, making magazines in the 90s and life in the circus.

+ Photos and thoughts from a few days in Copenhagen.

+ An in-depth look at Standard's bonafide classic of the VHS age, Domination, featuring interviews with everyone from Glenn P.P. Milligan to Bobby Fisher, along with some unreal imagery courtesy of Tedd Nelson.

+ That interview with Bob Scerbo that was on the Central website last year, printed for posterity.

+ And plenty of photos of the usual suspects."