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"Remember the Good Old Days?" Bumper Sticker


Perfect for any and all disgruntled persons...
Please note, this sticker comes with a free copy of Challenger. Looking for a specific issue? Just mention which one in the "notes" of the order and our shipping department will try to make that happen for you :^)

There's two options when purchasing this bumper sticker:

1) Bumper sticker only
2) Bumper sticker & $5.00 donation to Black Youth Project 100. Here's more info about BYP100:

"BYP100 is dedicated to improving the lived experiences of Black people.
Central to our direct action and issue advocacy work, is the need to ensure that we have funds to support not only this work, but the folks that put their lives and freedom on the line.
Funds will be used to support our daily work, but also to provide mutual aid, legal support, bail funds, and other logistic/supportive services related to this work."