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A new mag from Sam Waller, one of the human beings behind The Central Library, Red Steps Magazine, and more. Decidedly working-class in its execution, Roman Candle is a nice reminder that the thing we call "culture" isn't owned by elites and those with fancy degrees. Come for the interviews, stay for Sam's biting commentary that runs throughout.

Just FYI, this is not a BMX publication.

Here's the description from Sam himself:

Roman Candle is a magazine about photography, films and music, made in a Manchester by Sam Waller. Issue 1 is 104 full-colour A5 pages, and features...

- An interview with Derrick Bostrom from the almighty Meat Puppets about the early days of the band and the realities of touring America in the 80s (featuring some unreal old fliers from Derrick’s archive).

- Some photos of the wonderful city of Berlin.

- A particularly long phone call with the legendary (but criminally under-appreciated) photographer Gaylord Herron, whose 1975 book, Vagabond, might just be the finest photo-book ever made.

- A quick article in praise of army surplus shops.

- A hearty two-part conversation with Bill Daniel (the man behind the amazing Who is Bozo Texino documentary) about film-making, photo-taking and… his new found love of picnic tables.

- And then some stuff about point-and-shoot cameras, old Toyotas and modern television.