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We got a few copies of the newest installment (Volume IV) in the very good Strangeways video series. Some thoughts:

1. Jambul Baby!
2. Audio mixed with as much importance as the video
3. Shanky.
4. Wozzy's part is the video part I've always wanted to make.
5. It feels like you are riding around with your friends

I only have the shipping for North America because its available in other countries easily via The Central Library/RODI Connect/Wiretap. Empire and Berks St. have copies if it sells out in this web shop.

From the Central Library:

"The fourth installment of the Strangeways saga courtesy of Clarky. Nearly an hour of audio-visuals featuring Loz Taylor, Addy Snowdon, Gaz Hunt, Tim Evans, Fathead, Clarky, Dan Price, Chris Barrett, Leo McKenna, Jake Frost, Sandy, Jambul, Sam Waller, Wozzy, Tommy C, Shanky and pretty much everyone else.

Also features the trailer and Bomb the Suburbs from last year."