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The City Wide Awake

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A new multimedia project (84 page zine, 30 minute DVD) from the mind of perhaps BMX’s nicest guy, Phil Bossmeyer. Phil was part of the crew that put together the Word videos and has created a great solo project with The City Wide Awake. The City Wide Awake documents Phil’s travels over the past couple years as well as his hometown of Louisville, KY. For fans of crew videos and seeing the likes of the “most known unknowns” across the country known as the United States of America.

DVD and zine featuring the likes of Kid Rembold, Mike Corts, Nay Wade, Derek Fetko, Alejandro Bedoya, William Kyle, Alex Duleba, Patty Rich, Tim Burkhart, Will Furst, Phil Bossmeyer, Shane Scott, Steve Tassone, Chris Zidek, Cheese, Richie Goff, Dustin Stier, Bob Pergl, Derek Cano, Paul Smith, Nick Ferreira, Coleman Lopes, Derek Gabbert, and more.

Photographs and footage from Kentucky, California, Colorado, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, Portugal, Barcelona, Louisiana, Tennessee, Japan

Bonus: includes the Challenger “Distort Japan” video.

84 page zine; color and b&w. 30 minute DVD. Available in NTSC and PAL.